Scubapro Freediving vin S3

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Scubapro Freediving vin S3

Affordable Fin Designed for New Freedivers

The new S3 is the perfect fin choice for freedivers just getting started in the sport. The fin offers a long, soft blade made of a high performance plastic compound. It can generate a lot of power and speed while maintaining excellent energy efficiency.

Made with the same hydrodynamic foot pocket used on the S1 and S2, the S3 is extremely durable and quite affordable.

Technical Information

  • Hydrodynamic, optimized foot pocket is not only ultra-soft and comfortable, it also lessens drag.
  • Unique low-profile guide rail promotes perfect water channeling.
  • Soft rails plus construction technique enable 100% of the fin’s power to come from blade action.

S: 38-40
M: 40-42
L: 42-44

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