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Nose clip

The Nose clip is suitable not only for all freediving disciplines, but also for other water sports. It has been designed for maximum performance and meets the most demanding requirements. It combines the best features of all previous nose clips available on the market at an affordable price. Its advantages are clear.
Nose clip is highly hydrodynamic, the nose grip can be freely set (even at maximum grip, the nose does not hurt).

The Noseclip does not slip and during normal handling and maintenance is basically indestructible. In addition, its design is quite nicely done. The Nose clip is also equipped with protective plastic box with small holes which eases the ventilation.


The body is made of a mixture of PA – polyamide.
It has minimal flexibility and high resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage. The Nose clip contact surfaces are fitted with rubber pads for greater comfort and maintenance.
Removable string is made of 2 mm polypropylene rope. The cord is light, floatable, dries quickly (thanks to UV stabilization withstands prolonged exposure to sunlight). The string is equipped with special hydrodynamic zip.

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